About Only My Best

Our Mission: Continuing the legacy of the Douglas name of Champions, Giving back to the people and bringing a “42-1” mentality with world-class apparel.

Only My Best is the official apparel brand of the Douglas Family. It represents the accomplishments of James Buster Douglas and the journey of becoming the Undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the World. Only My Best is more than a brand name but a lifestyle. It’s what we do. We give only our best. The brand is also representing the uprising of myself owner/fighter, Artie Artimus Douglas, son of Buster Douglas, Grandson of Billy Dynamite Douglas II and Nephew of Billy Dynamite Douglas III.

I am the third-generation fighter and looking forward to having the torch passed on to me and give only my best in and out of the ring. That is why I started this clothing brand to not only expand on the history of the boxing in my family but also show respect to those before me and what they accomplished as fighters. My grandfather, Billy Dynamite Douglas was Columbus, Ohio’s first National Golden Glove Champion and one of the top contenders in middleweight/ light-heavy weight division. He was also the first cruiserweight champion. Some say he was the most feared in all his division because he was so tough and gave only his best in the ring. Then there is my father James Buster Douglas, who became the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World by defeating the baddest man on the planet, Iron Mike Tyson, with a 10th round TKO. Billy Dynamite Douglas III was a true fighter and competitor, who always gave his best in the ring and continues to out of the ring as my father and him helps with my career as a figher.

I can go on and on the about the history of the Douglas family and the accomplishments but now we are taking it up a notch. This apparel brand wants to give only the best products and only the best quality clothing so not only can you be part of the history, but feel comfortable while being part of it.

Only My Best is an official brand of myself, Artie Douglas, and it also represents the accomplishments of James "Buster" Douglas and the Douglas family.